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best nursing colleges in bangladesh

Top 10 Best Private Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh



Top 10 Best Private Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh

Nursing is a noble profession among all the professions of our Society. Nurses work tirelessly to server humanity. A well- organized Healthcare system cannot be imagined without the contribution of our nurses. 24/7 they provide service to the patients with great care and enthusiasm. Even sometimes they take risk to serve the humanity. They are the most reliable and trusted professional for the taking care of our patients. They not only take care the patients but also are expert clinicians, advocates, teachers, critical thinkers, health translators, heals, scientists, communicators, and family supporters.


The 10 Best Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh.

If a person has a desire to build a career as a skilled nurse, he/she must have to admit himself/herself in nursing colleg3 to obtain a nursing degree. Every year a large number of skilled nurses are graduating from the nursing colleges and institutes of Bangladesh. Even though there are many renowned nursing colleges in Bangladesh, the top 10 nursing colleges has been discussed below.

  1. Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Nursing College

Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Nursing College is the number one nursing colleges in Bangladesh. This college was established in 2012 at Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka. Top 10 Best Private Nursing Colleges in BangladeshThe college authority is building the permanent campus in Vatara in Badda thana. Their main goal is to produce skilled nurses who would be perfect fit to work locally and globally. They are providing all the top-notch facilities to bring the best for their pupils. The class rooms of this college are well-lit and air conditionate with all the modern audio amenities.

Their faculty members are immensely skilled and all are qualified MBBs doctors as well as highly talented and experienced nurses, pharmacist and psychotherapists. The mission of this college is to generate a co-operative and diverse learning environment. They produced near about 600 highly skilled and qualified nurses who are serving the people home and abroad.


  1. Enam Nuraing College

Enam Nursing college is a renowned Bangladeshi Nursing Institution that has national and international recognition for its diverse curriculum as well as well-developed teaching facilities. This College is one of the best nursing college in Bangladesh that has earned name and fame within a short period of time.

Top 10 Best Private Nursing Colleges in Bangladesh

Enam Nursing College (ENC) is located at Thana Road, in the heart of Savar, and just 13 km away from Gabtali of the Capital. The ENC is located in a noise-free and pleasant environment.

Enam Nusing College has both national and international renowned faculties who offer best nursing knowledge for the students. They attract and retain faculty who are student-centric and are committed to student success. Their faculty have been recognized by students for their open-door policies, helping students self-identify areas of weakness and improvement, and academic advising, testing tips and tutoring. Nursing and education are challenging, lifetime commitments, that we embrace each and every day. Their students develop important skills and have opportunities for leadership and service learning.

Currently, Enam medical college is offering the mentioned courses: B.Sc. in Nursing Post Basic B.Sc. in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery, Diploma in Midwifery, MSc. in Nursing.


  1. East-West Nursing College and Institute

East-West Nursing College and Institute is also a famous nursing college in Bangladesh. Their journey started in the year of 2011 at the campus of East-West medical college hospital. On that year this renowned college is built in Aichi Nagar, JBCS Saroni, Horirampur, Turag, Dhaka 1711. This private nursing college is approved by the government of Bangladesh. Moreover, It is mainly recognized by the Bangladesh Nursing and midwifery council and the University of Dhaka.

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The goal of this college is to build an acquaintance and excellence by producing skilled and qualified nurses to serve patients at home and abroad. They help the students to become creative nurses by giving them, their knowledge of practice behavior, physical, social, medical, and nursing science. This college is currently running courses mainly Basic B.Sc. in Nursing 4 years, Post Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years, and Diploma in Nursing 3 years in private Midwifery courses.


  1. Ibn Sina Nursing Institute

In Bangladesh, Ibn Sina Nursing Institute is one of the leading nursing colleges. This nursing institution is run by IBN SINA TRUST. They believe that ‘To serve humanity is to serve Almighty’ and it is their moto. Their journey began on 1st July 2010 with only 50 students. Up untill now Five batches have been exempted from Ibn Sina Nursing Institute and almost all of them  are working in several renowned  public and private hospitals in our country. This nursing college campus is resided at 1/1-B, Kallyanpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The IBN Sina nursing institution has complete residential facilities that are located on the 14th floor of the institutional building of Ibn Sina Medical College. This college generally pick up the top nursing candidates for three academic years. They educate and nurture the nurses according to Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council (BNMC) formulated for Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery course syllabus.


  1. BIRDEM Nursing College

In the academic year 2013-2014 BIRDEM Nursing College began its journey with a view to producing skilled nurses in Bangladesh. This college ground is located on the 15th floor of BIRDEM General Hospital. This college is resided at 122 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Shahbag, Dhaka-1000 and that is the heart of the Dhaka city adjacent to National Museum, BSMMU, Dhaka Club, Ramna park, ‘Ruposhi Bangla’ five-star hotel, and Radio Bangladesh.

Birdem closes ICU as 4 patients tested COVID-19 positive | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

BIRDEM General Hospital was founded by the late national professor Mohammad Ibrahim. This hospital is acknowledged nationwide and globally for offering remarkable Medical care services and facilities in our country and has been denominated as a WHO partner center for Diabetes. This hospital is a 700-bed multi-story academic institution and produce professional skilled and experienced nurses through nursing training to serve patients in the future. This college is currently two courses including Basic B.Sc in Nursing 4 years, and Post-Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years which are acknowledged by the Medical Faculty of Dhaka University.


  1. Prime College of Nursing

Among all the nursing colleges, Prime College of Nursing is one of the best nursing colleges in Bangladesh. This college authorized by Prime Bank Foundation that runs under Prime Bank Limited. This renowned college is situated in K-36/3 Post Office Road Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229. This college began offering nursing courses on 14 April 2013 with a view to producing qualified nurses for people of our country.

The main goal of this institution is to fulfill the of the nursing profession at home and abroad by producing qualified and skilled nurses. Their commitment is to develop quality of nurses in an international level. This college of nursing offers Basic B.Sc in Nursing 4 years, Post-Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years and Diploma in Nursing 3 years in Science & Midwifery courses.


  1. CRP Nursing College

CRP Nursing College is a top-notch English version nursing institution in Bangladesh. This Nursing college is authorized by the Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council (BNMC) and the Dhaka University. This nursing college is resided in Savar, Dhaka-1343 on 14 acres of green land. Moreover, this nursing college offers high-quality education by a 9:1 student-teacher ratio.

They train and offer education to the admitted students through the best advanced and effective method. Even they ensure residential facilities for the students. CRP Nursing College began its educational activities offering Basic B.Sc in Nursing 4 years and Post-Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years in the year 2004.


  1. North East Nursing College

North East Nursing College is located in Sylhet which is one the prominent nursing institutions in Bangladesh. This college began its journey in the year 2009 in Sylhet city. This nursing college has the affiliation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and authorized by the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. North East Nursing College

Currently, this nursing college is offering 5 courses that includes Basic B.Sc in Nursing 4 years with 70 seats, Post-Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years with 60 seats, Diploma in cardiac Nursing course 1 year with 20 seats, Diploma in Midwifery course 3 years with 40 seats, and Diploma in Nursing 3 years in Science & Midwifery courses with 120 seats.



  1. Monno Nursing Institute

Monno Nursing Institute is located in Manikganj and that is a renowned nursing college in Bangladesh. This nursing institution is mainly authorized by the Ministry of Health and Family government assistance Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council also acknowledged this nursing college in November-2012. Mr. Harunar Rashid Khan Monno the former Minister of Bangladesh government is the founder of Monno Nursing Institute which is run under the Monno Medical College and Hospital. This nursing institution is located in monno city, Manikganj-1800 Dhaka.

The main goal of this nursing institution is to produce skilled and experienced nurses through quality education and training so that our country can be benefited by them. Our privet and government Hospital needs skilled nurses. To meet this Demand This college is offering Diploma in Nursing 3 years in Science & Midwifery courses, Basic B.Sc in Nursing 4 years, and Post-Basic B.Sc in Nursing 2 years.


  1. GMR Nursing Institute

GMR Nursing Institute is basically located in khulna Division and it is one of the top nursing colleges in Bangladesh. This Nursing college is resided in A 19 – 21, Mazid Sarani, Sonadanga , Khulna-9100.As the sister concern of Gazi Medical College Hospital the journey of this nursing institution began in 2010.

GMR Nursing Institute is affiliated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and authorized the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. This college has immense academic facilities particularly it has own academic building, audio-visual class rooms, hostels, own separate academic building, and laboratories. By ensuring these facilities to the students this college is producing qualified and skilled nurses each year.  This nursing college offers 70 students Diploma in Nursing 3 years in Science & Midwifery courses every year.

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